Invalved as promised

Belven is a Belgium based company with over 50 years of experience in valves production. 

We are present in over 50 countries and have solutions for both the building and the industrial market.

We pride ourselves always to deliver on our promises.
Some milestones ‘70 ‘80 ‘90 ‘00 ‘10 ‘20 1974 Foundation of the company as Belgium Ventiel 1981 Start of own ball valves production 2008 Name change to Belven 2nd generation mgmt 1996 ISO-certification 2011 Foundation Belven LLC Moscow 2024 50 years of delivering our promises! 2013 Inauguration new HQ in Belgium 2015 Foundation Belven China 2018 Foundation Belven DWC Dubai 2019 New assembly line butterfly valves in Belgium 2021 Foundation Nevaco Netherlands “powered by Belven” MBO 3d generation mgmt