Since years Belven is a main supplier for Belgium’s largest HVAC installation companies. Belven valves are used in virtually all major HVAC projects.

Typical applications featuring our valves include nursing homes and hospitals, schools and public buildings, offices, residential buildings with centralized techniques, swimming pools, etc.

Our contact partners include both medium-sized and large installation firms as well as specifiers, engineering consultants and architects.

Rather than being a generalist, we aim to profile ourselves as a specialist partner in 1/4 turn valves, control valves, check valves and strainers, relying on employees with extensive know-how, and with a large stock of valves at our headquarters in Mechelen.
Belven products comply with the most stringent standards. Delivering quality at a correct price has become second nature to us.
We listen to our customers and deliver what they expect from us, at the agreed time and place, right up to the floor where the works are in progress. 

Our goal is to remain your preferred partner for valves in a competitive market where short delivery times and constant price pressure are the rule.​​​​​​​

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