The energy sector is in constant flux. Climate change forces industrialized countries to make their energy supply less dependent on fossil fuels. Renewable energy is gaining in importance. Valves control the flow of media, such as water and steam. Areas of application include cooling water, feedwater, chemical water treatment, steam turbines and geothermal plants. We are happy to use our expertise to advise you of your best options.

Mechanical engineering

We have a comprehensive range of valves for mechanical equipment manufacturers. Do you need one, two- or three-piece ball valves, with threaded, welded or flanged ends, butterfly valves as end valves or of the sandwich type, various pressure classes, materials and sealing materials? We listen to your needs and together we find the best solution.

Metalworking industry

The metalworking industry is a collective term for companies that convert ore into metal and industrially process it into base materials, semi-finished products, assemblies, machines and tools. Within this large sector, there is a great demand for various appendages. Our extensive range of valves and accessories enables us to provide a suitable solution for your business.

Petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals

Petrochemicals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals are three sectors with specific needs. Whether you are looking for manual or automated valves and accessories, small or large flows, various materials and pressure classes, or seals with a wide variety of chemical resistance, higher temperatures and pressures... We translate your requirements into a specific solution.

Tank storage

Focusing on chemical tank storage, we have developed sector-specific solutions, such as BV4-BLEED, BV4-RECOVERY and BV4-CONTROL. As a producer, we manage ourselves the entire chain from design to realization. This knowledge and expertise enable us to develop the appropriate solution for your company. Obviously, all our valves are optimally certified for use in your high-risk environment.

Our own range of valves is supplemented with tank protection equipment and safety valves of renowned brands.

Technical facilities and industrial service

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of valves, including one piece, two-piece and three-piece ball valves, with threaded, welded or flanged ends, butterfly valves as end valves or of the sandwich type, from gate and gate knife valves to check valves in various pressure classes and materials. Together we choose the optimal solution in accordance with your requirements.

Water treatment

Belven offers a wide range of products for water treatment, from butterfly valves and ball valves, gate and gate knife valves to ball check valves, strainers and dismantling joints. The valves can be hand-operated or automated and, for example, tailored to the Belgian Aquafin specifications. Our valves can be found in applications as varied as pumping stations and sewage treatment plants to swimming pools.


Valves used in the food industry must meet specific requirements. Butterfly valves, for example, must often be provided with white EPDM with FDA certificate and polished stainless steel discs, or ball valves of non-contamination execution must be used. Other common applications involve high temperatures and, for example, steam handling valves. Together, we find the solution that best suits your needs.